This Society, pursuant to its licence under the Gambling Act 2003, has distributed net proceeds, for the period 1st July 2013 to 31st December 2013 to the organisations listed below. The basic approved criteria used in allocating this funding: the Society shall only consider donations to any charitable, philanthropic, cultural, amateur sporting, bona fide youth or educational organisation and any other purpose that is beneficial to any community or any section of it that are based in the provincial area which this Society operates its class 4 gaming machines. No grants shall be made to any party which will resolve in any commercial advantage, either directly or indirectly, to any member site of the Bendigo Valley Sports and Charity Foundation. The Trustees prioritise funding so that it is allocated fairly based on their impartial assessment of the needs of the applicant and the value to any part of the community. The Trustees must consider prior grants, efforts by the applicants to maximise the use of any funding allocated and the applicant’s efforts to conduct self-motivated fund-raising. As a result of these criteria the funds have been allocated to: Community, Arts, Cultural and Educational Organisations: 42.01%, Sporting Organisations: 57.99%


The list of organisations who have received funding from 1st July to 31 December 2013 is as follows, those who have not been approved can be found here


NZ Choral Federation Otago Branch $3,000, Dunedin Civic Orchestra T/a Southern Sinfonia $10,500, Kaikorai Rugby Football Club Inc $8,000, John McGlashan College BOT $5,000, Andersons Bay Bowling Club $1,000, Kids Camps NZ – Dunedin $1,000, Otago Water Ski Club $400, Otago Secondary Schools Sports Assn Inc, 1,200.00, Dunedinites Leisure Marchers $500, Port Chalmers Kindergarten $1,500, Waikouaiti District Pony Club $700, Tainui Sports Soc Inc $1,400.00, East Otago High School BOT $1,000, Wakari Bowling Club Inc $900, Dunedin Council of Social Service Inc $1,000, Beachlands Speedway $3,500, North East Valley Normal School PTA $2,500, Chisholm Park Golf Club Inc $16,500, Kings High School $500, Fortune Theatre Trust $5,000, Alexandra Cricket Club $1,000, Silverpeaks Country Music Club Inc $1,000, Pregnancy Counseling Services Inc $1,500, Otago Boys High School Basketball $1,000, Highgate Sports Foundation $600, Wakari Indoor Bowling Club $1,000, St Marys Kaikorai School $1,000, Southern Hockey Inc $500, ID Dunedin Fashion Inc $2,000, Caversham Bowling Club Inc $1,000, Blueskin Youth Centre Assn Inc $2,000, Cycling Otago Inc $2,000, Otago School of Piping - Drumming Inc $1,500, Green Island School BOT $1,500, GGANZ Peninsula District $1,000, Kaikorai Bowling Club Inc $3,000, Green Island Scout Group $1,000, Otago Rugby Football Union $10,000, Otago Fish and Games Council $2,000, Otago University Rowing Club $3,000, Tainui Scout Group $1,000, Taieri Rugby Football Club Inc $1,000, Stageworks Otago $1,000, The Breast Room in the House $700, Otago School of Piping & Drumming $2,000, Dunedin Branch Pony Club $400, Broad Bay School BOT $750, Bradford School BOT $2,500, Dunedin Gymnastic Academy - Rhythmic Group $800, Central Otago Trotting Club Inc $3,000, Green Island Bowling Club $1,900, Grants Braes Kindergarten $500, Logan Park Bowling Club Inc $1,000, Harbour Rugby Football $1,500, Otago Girls High School $500, Otago Girls High School $500, Queens High School $3,000, Otago Rugby League Inc $4,000, Taieri Cricket Club $4,000, Surf Life Saving New Zealand Inc $7,500, Workplace Support Dunedin $4,000, Taieri Tennis Club Inc $1,500, Brockville School BOT $3,000, Otago Rowing Assn $1,000, Dunedin Pool Ass Inc $1,500, Belleknowes Golf Club Inc $5,000, Green Island Fireside inc $2,000, Dunedin South Stroke Club $1,500, Mornington School BOT $1,000, Friends of Outram School $1,500, Otago Girls High School $750, Kavanagh College $1,000, Roslyn Scout Group $700, Otago Cricket Assn Inc $25,000, Taieri Fit N Fun $400, Mosgiel District Motorcycle Club Inc $4,000, Bathgate Park School $7,000, St Marys Kaikorai School $1,000, Friends of the Globe Theatre Inc $2,000, Pirates Football Club Dunedin Inc $20,000, Football South $4,000, Autism New Zealand Inc - Otago Branch $2,000, Caversham AFC $4,000, Sassenaches Rugby Football Club $2,500, Otago Boys High School $1,000, Fairfield Bowling Club $10,000, Tainui Sports Soc Inc $500, Waitaki Summer Music Camp $2,000, St Joseph's Cathedral School $1,000, Otago Area ESNZ Showjumping, $2,000, Green Island Taekwondo $1,000, 60's Entertainers $2,000, Dunedin Archery Club $1,000, Sport Otago $4,500, Otago Multiple Sclerosis Soc $2,000, Dunedin Swim Coaching Board $1,000, Kartsport Dunedin Inc $1,500, Blueskin Resilient Communities Trust $1,500, Wingatui Community Hall Soc Inc $2,000, Mosgiel West Community Pool Committee $4,000, Pine Hill School $1,500, Circulation Community Inc $1,000, Cardinals Softball Club $3,500, Save the Otago Peninsula Soc Inc $750, Waikouaiti Volunteer Fire Brigade $2,000, Otago Down Syndrome Ass $800, Taieri Musical Society $6,500, City of Dunedin Pipe Band Inc $2,500, Dunedin Horticultural Soc Inc $800, St Marys School Mosgiel $1,000, Dunedin Community Learning Centre $4,000, Macandrew Bay Bowling Club Inc $500, Athletics Taieri Children $500, Kings High School $300, Robbe White Charitable Trust $500, Epilepsy New Zealand-Otago Branch $500, Port Chalmers Mens Bowling Club Inc $1,500, Dunedin South Community Patrol Inc $2,000, Opera Otago / Dunedin Opera Co Inc $2,500, Wakari Cub & Scout Group $1,000, Mosgiel District Motorcycle Club $5,000, Spinal Cord Soc NZ Inc $3,000, Dunedin Curtain Bank Trust $2,000, Sacred Heart Youth Group - Zeal Group $560, Albion Cricket Club $1,000, Kings High School $1,000, Deaf Aotearoa NZ Inc $1,000, Dunedin Technical AFC $12,000, Progress of Waikouaiti Area $1,500, Kaikorai Rugby Football Club Inc $7,500, New Zealand Ice Hockey Federation Inc $1,000, Warrington School $1,500, Otago Univesity Hockey Club Inc $500, Scouting Mosgiel $1,000, Dunedin Gymnastic Academy Inc $500, The Taieri Blokes Shed $4,000, Balmacewen Intermediate School $500, Leith Bowling Club Inc $600, Dunedin Rhododendron Group Inc $3,000, Fairfield Scout Group $500, Queens High School $400, Mosgiel Branch Taieri Pony Club $1,000, Otago Badminton Assn Inc $2,500, Taieri Junior Cricket Club $2,500, Royal NZ Pipe Band Assn - Otago Centre Inc $2,000, St Kilda Community Club $1,000, Cosy Bell Tennis Club $1,000, Dunedin Returned & Services Assn $2,000, Andersons Bay Bowling Club $1,800, Kaikorai Bowling Club $4,000, Mosgiel Assn Football Club $2,000, East Otago Sports Clubs $2,600, Otago Synchronized Swimming Club $1,000, Roslyn Scout Group $1,000, Omakau Bowling Club $1,500, Tennis Otago Inc $7,000, Arthritis Foundation of New Zealand Inc $400, Southern United FC Inc $10,000, Concord School $3,000, Ellis Park Softball Club $2,500, Burkes St Leonards Boat Club Inc $1,500, Kaikorai Bowling Club $1,700 Onyx Militaires Marching Teams $1,000, Green Island Junior Rugby Academy $2,500, Otago Softball Assn Inc $7,000, Special Olympics Otago $1,500, Otago Girls High School $500, Team Otago $1,000, Brighton Surf Life Saving Club $5,000, Taieri Golf Club $6,500, Dunedin Inc Hockey Assn $750, Green Island AFC $4,000, Camp Quality South $2,000, Mornington Bowling club Inc $1,800, Otago Girls High School $500, Green Island School $1,500, Roslyn Bowling Club $400, Taieri Bowling Club $7,000, Otago Maori Rugby $700, Balmacewen Bowling Club $1,000, Taieri Golf Club Inc $5,000, Fairfield Bowling Club $2,500, Bathgate Park School $1,500, Otago Australian Rules Football Club $700, Football South $5,000, Spring Chamber Music Weekend $500, Otago Boys High School $500, Andersons Bay Bowling Club $2,500, St Kilda Bowling Club Inc $1,600, East Otago Smallbore Rifle Assn Inc $1,500, Dunedin Star Singers $1,000, Olveston (Dunedin City Council) $500, Mosgiel Playcentre $1,000, Southern Region Sled Dog Club $500, Sassenachs Rugby Football Club $4,500, Dunedin Group Riding for the Disabled $1,000, Dunedin Choral Soc - T/a City Choir Dunedin $2,000, Kiwi Swim Club Inc $1,000, Kavanagh College $500, Queens High School $1,000, Pitcairn Scouts Jamboree $1,000, West Dunedin Youth and Community Trust $1,500, Waitati Volunteer Fire Brigade $1,000, Bathgate Park School $750, Basketball Otago Inc $30,000, Fire in Ice Outrigger Canoe Club $1,000, Festival of the Plain Inc $5,000, Otago Boxing Assn Inc $3,000, Otago Blind Indoor Bowling Club Inc $2,000, St Clair Surf Lifesaving Club $10,000, St Clair Golf Club Inc $15,000, Bayfield High School BOT $500, Dance Otakau Otago $1,500, Forbury Park Trotting Club Inc $9,000, Kaikorai Metropolitan Brass Band $1,000, Otago Boys High School $1,000, Otago University Squash Racquets Club $500, St Kilda Mens Indoor Basketball Club $2,000, The Scout Assn of NZ - St Patricks Scout Group $1,000, Dressage Otago $2,000, Andersons Bay Sea Scout Committee $1,000, Kaikorai Small Indoor Bowling Club $750, Edmund Rice Camps Inc $4,000, Otago Childrens Autism Support Group Inc $6,000, Omakau Volunteer Fire Brigade $1,500, Waikouaiti Golf Club Inc $400, Special Olympics New Zealand $2,000, Dunedin (NZ) Masters Games Trust $5,000, Dunedin Rugby Football Club Inc $8,000, Kaikorai Rugby Football Club Parents Ass $1,000, Mosgiel Darts Assn $1,500, Parent to Parent $1,000, Royal NZ Plunket Soc - East Otago Branch $2,000, Waikouaiti Rodeo Assn $5,000, Cycling Otago Inc $3,000, Bayfield High School $1,000, Kaikorai Cricket Club Inc $2,000, Forbury Park Bowling Club Inc $3,000, Otago University Squash Racquets Club $500, Otago Boys High School $500, The Dunedin Lawn Bowls Stadium Inc $17,000, St Kilda Brass Band Inc $4,500, Dog Rescue Dunedin $2,000