Harm Minimisation and Underage Policy

The Trustees of this Society have a policy with regard to Harm Minimisation and Underage persons pursuant to the Gambling Act 2003.

Definition of Problem Gambling

Problem gambling can be considered to be gambling to excess, either frequently or occasionally, so that it becomes a problem particularly with finances and personal relations. The range of problems are from minor ones, involving family arguments over gambling expenditure, to a compulsive addiction resulting in major finance or interpersonal difficulties with potential to lead to dishonesty and loss of status in the community.

Underage Gambling

In accordance with the Gambling Act 2003, the Venue Operator, its Venue Manager and its Key Persons will ensure that persons under the age of 18 are not permitted to use the gambling machines at the venue or be within the gambling area.

A copy of this policy will be supplied upon request.


If you feel the need to comment or complain about any one of our venues or staff, please contact:

The Manager
Bendigo Valley Foundation
P O Box 5480
Dunedin  9054
03 477 2261
0274 379 018

If you have no satisfaction then redirect your complaint to:

The Secretary
Department Internal Affairs
P O Box 10-095
0800 257 887

Grant Procedures 

Please note that no staff of any venue have any input into grants approved or declined by the trust.

Any queries must be addressed to:

The Manager
Bendigo Valley Foundation
P O Box 5480
Dunedin 9058
03 477 2261
0274 379 018

The Society and Venue Operators accept our responsibilities in the area of problem Gambling.

and if necessary - SEEK HELP

Gambling Helpline

0800 654 655

Maori Gambling*

0800 654 656

Pacific People Gambling*

0800 654 657

Youth Gambling*

0800 654 659

Gambling Debt Problems*

0800 654 658

* These specialist lines currently have restricted hours

Main Gambling Helpline

Mon-Fri 8.00am to 10pm
Sat-Sun 9.00am to 10pm

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